Brussels tour autumn 2010


A group of British runners narrowly escaped a jail sentence after their escapades at the Brussels Marathon.

With total disrespect for the city’s by-laws, the group was seen to ignore the Metro ticket machines on their way to the start at the Triumphal Arch at the Jubelpark.

One bystander claims to have heard one of lawbreakers shout to his mate “Bugger this. It’s too far to jog to the start. I’m taking the train”.

But either having no cash in their pockets, or being too mean with their Euros, the team checked to see the coast was clear before making a dash for the platform WITH NO TICKETS FOR THE TRAIN. There they were surrounded by hundreds of runners who had paid the correct fare in the knowledge that the police force had a reputation for cracking down on international crime.

As the word got out, mounted police were soon in the area but failed to get the scent of the Brits who were thought to be using SMS messaging on their mobile phones to help plan their route and rendezvous.

 One anonymous runner who left his phone at home, cursed the Belgian cops. And a local businessman, thought to be aiding the lawbreakers, said in a strong Dutch accent as he parked his car on double yellow lines “ The city police ….. they’re a ***** joke!” As the clock ticked down to the start of the race, helicopters were heard overhead, scouring the area for the desperados.

The villains were now mixing with some 10,000 athletes in an effort to conceal their whereabouts.  It was then that these hard nosed criminals heard a gun shot and set off on foot giving the police the chase for some thirteen miles around the city streets.

Two female accomplices tried to cause a distraction posing for photographs for a press photographer who was already on the case.  

It is thought that it was the speed of the runners that helped them finally reach the border after a covert operation took them along the canals through the historic city of Bruges towards England. Despite the very latest in iris recognition techniques and body scanners, the felons were soon back on home territory, vowing to fight another day.



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