Get a sports massage and raise money for a good cause

Hi all,

Are you feeling tired and fatigued from all this running malarkey? Maybe a ‘nice’ sports massage would help reduce all that build up if lactic acid and stretch out those weary muscles!

If you’re interested, Dave Goodall has kindly offered to assist me in raising money for my chosen Ironman charity – Hack-back (details below). We will be providing sports massages all day long on Saturday 24th May at the village hotel Wirral. Slots will start from 8:30am and run until 5pm, with a break for us to refuel at lunch time. The slots will be 30 mins each…if you would like to book please contact me directly (07825 912014) or via Facebook, and let me know what times you are available. We would request a suggested minimum donation of £10 per massage please.

The charity Hack-Back, was set up by a very talented lady called Anita Morris who tutored me as part of my psychology masters. The charity are a team of psychologists who use interaction with birds of prey to reduce offending/ re-offending; for the enhancement of cross cultural relationships and awareness in children & young people; for educational purposes – I.e. Introducing people/children to rural life; for emotional intelligence & interpersonal skill development; to help people get back into work; and for a variety of corporate development such as team building.

The link to the website can be found here:

For those of you that don’t know what an ironman is…on 16th august, I shall be flying out to Sweden to swim 2.4 miles followed by 112 mile cycle and then a marathon on the end. It will be my biggest challenge to date and I would like to help this fantastic charity along the way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for your support.

Yvie x

One thought on “Get a sports massage and raise money for a good cause

  1. Hi Village Road Runners and Yvie, thank you so much for your support. Hack Back is currently working with a number of Mental Health projects including interventions in an adolescent mental health unit. Murray the owl will be attending on 24th offering owl head massages ;>) Thank you again, Anita & Murray, Hack Back CIC

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