London Marathon 2015

London Marathon Club Place Ballot Rules

At the time of the ballot:-

1 You must have run with VRR for at least a year

2 You must have been a regular VRR for the past year

3 You must be affiliated through VRR to England Athletics

4 You must have entered for the London Marathon and have been rejected in the relevant year (personal letter of rejection proof is required)

5 You cannot have had a VRR place in the previous 4 ballots

6 You must apply and pay for your own VRR place

7 VRR places cannot be deferred

8 If you are deemed unable or unfit to run, then a VRR place can be taken off you

9  VRR places belong to the club and not the individual

These rules can be relaxed as required, if it is deemed that there will not be enough people in the ballot, to ensure that any VRR place is not wasted.

Oct 2014

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