Arley Hall 10k April 18th 2015

Twenty two VRR members entered this popular race which took place on a bright, sunny morning. For some, it was their first run in the event, doubtless encouraged by those who have run it previously, as it is known as a course where a PB can be obtained. Due to a large number of entrants, there were queues to pick up numbers (and also for the toilets!), except for surnames beginning with D E and F, so Neil Diamond didn’t queue!

The race got underway promptly at 9.30am and followed it’s usual scenic route, although the narrow lanes meant some careful overtaking manoeuvres. However, the field had spread out by the finish. The first VRR runner home was Marc Williams while Ttudie Cottrell was the first female VRR back. Everyone enjoyed the run, which did indeed produce some PBs.

Tony Clixby and Lisa Critchley both got PBs a week before they run the London Marathon, and Neil Diamond and Tim Clixby both achieved PBs too. 

The VRR supporters gathered by the VRR flag, which Mark Critchley had erected near the finish, and so were able to  cheer home the runners. It also served as a useful meeting point afterwards, where it was agreed this had been a good morning for running!

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