Summer handicap

Here are the finishing times for the handicap. Well done to everyone taking part and many thanks to the helpers and supporters. Photos and video to follow!

Andy M
51.29Phil Weedon 47.43

Mike McCaffrey 55.03

Nicky Kelly 56.45

Sam Stringer 53.23

John Highton 53.49

Howard Givnan 46.42

Andy Lacey 39.46

Jenny West 46.51

Katinka Mitchell 46.00

Shaun Sagar 48.07

Ian Evans 44.12

Steve Haldon 51.22

Brian Seal 41.32

Steph Caldwell 59.16

Carl Davenport 48.17

Jenny Langston 48.19

Ian McConnell 46.26

Sandra Riley 52.39

Phil Allison 48.42

Rachel Keenan 52.44

Marc Williams 42.52

Mark Critchley 46.04

Mike Storrey 59.12

Steve Leslie 39.43

Charlie Anderson 53.34

Andy Crowe 51.33

Joe McCardle 63.38

Jackie Allison 73.34

Elizabeth Parry 73.34

Joe Delaney 58.56

Sergio Iranzo 57.56

Donna McKeown 62.10

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