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Getting To Mallorca Airport By Bus

Mallorca is one of Spain’s – and indeed Europe’s – most popular tourist destinations. In the summer months hundreds of thousands of tourists come into Mallorca Airport from parts of Spain and from further afield. Not everyone wants to take a taxi or hire a car, but there are two reliable and frequent bus services taking passengers to their onward destinations in Palma and to some of the nearby resorts.
Mallorca Airport is located just 8 kilometres / 5 miles east of Palma, and the journey by bus takes only some 15 minutes, depending on the number of stops they make. The Line 1 and Route 21 services are operated by EMT, which is owned by the municipality of Palma de Mallorca. Going by bus is a very cost effective option and the municipality is endeavouring to keep prices low, so as to make bus travel attractive to locals and tourists alike. The bus stops in the airport can be found just opposite from the car parking area, on the ground level of the check-in and arrivals areas.
Both Line 1 and Route 21 operate daily throughout the year, with additional services being offered during the busiest times in the summer. The first bus of the day for Line 1 departs from the airport at 06.00am and during the winter the final bus for Line 1 leaves the airport at 01.10 and at 01.50 during the summer. For most of the year, namely from 1st November to 30th April, the buses run at a frequency of every 15 minutes. During the busy summer months the bus service runs every 12 minutes.
In Palma the buses for Line 1 depart from the Dock of the West as early as 05.30am to 01.00 in the winter months and from 05.30am to 02.10 in the summer months.
Among other halts the Line 1 service stops at Joan Maragall (GESA), Grans Magatzems, Placa d’Espanya, Alemanya, Av. Argentina, Aditorium, Passeig Maritim, Port de Palma, Museu Sant Carles and also at Dic de l’oest.
The buses for Route 21 depart in Palma from Arenal and the first bus service of the day departs at 07.00am, while the last bus leaves at 21.30pm in winter and at 01.00am in summer.
Buses from Mallorca Airport for the Route 21 service run ca. every 30 minutes daily throughout the year. They leave the airport at 07.00am with their first service, while the last bus runs at 22.10pm during winter and at 00.30am in summer. Mallorca Airport buses were designed to be a comfortable and cheap alternative for as many people as possible. The Route 21 service takes tourists to many of the most popular hotels.
Route 21 buses from Mallorca Airport stop at Cami de Can Pastilla Hotel Linda, Manuele de los Herreros y Sora (Hotel Java), Marbella Hotel Acapulco, Mar Tirrena (Hotel Garonda) and at Trasime 24 (Hotel Playa Arenal) among others.
For an adult ticket on Mallorca Airport buses one has to pay approximately €2.00 for a single journey, but as there are cards for permanent residents and non-residents, which make travel cheaper and more convenient as no cash is needed on the buses for these prepaid cards, the fare can be reduced by as much as 50%. How much the reduction will be depends largely on the status of the individual cardholder. Students, pensioners and children will obviously enjoy greater discounts than people in full-time employment.
Travel cards can be bought, as mentioned, beforehand from a bus station, but for single journeys you can pay the driver on-board the bus. As there is no train station at the airport, buses from Mallorca Airport are the only public transport option available for cheaper travel to Palma and many of the hotels. These buses are mostly orange in colour with the entrance at the front of the bus and the exit in the middle at the sides.
In Palma itself there are a number of double-decker buses, open-top, that allow passengers to hop-on and hop-off at more than 20 tourist attractions throughout the city. It is a good way of getting to know Palma on your first day and saves you from getting lost in the historic cobbled streets meandering through the older parts of the city.
Spain is the world’s 4th most visited country and is as popular with tourists now as it has been ever since cheap package holidays first became available in the 1950s and 1960s. This summer visitor numbers soared once more, proving that Mallorca as a preferred holiday destination in Europe is as popular as ever.
For further information about buses from Mallorca Airport, please visit the official airport website at

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