VRR tour to Paphos

Well thats another hugely successful tour over, and what a week, from lightning striking the plane and two days of intensive thunderstorms, nothing could dampen the occasion, a road trip to Limassol with Gary Jenkinson, Lucia Vyskocova and the adorable baby Tash before the rest of the group joined us, great location for our apartments with what seemed like our own private pool, freezing water but one by one we took the dip like in palma, Jo Dutton and Donna Mckeown soaking up the sun, me on the keo, the Langstons and the Allisons alongside, not forgetting Dave and Steven, Sandra Riley and Richard making up the VRR group while Tony and Sharon Clixby had the peace and tranquility in town. We all had some great food in some great locations culminating in all of us boogeying and dancing to a Neil Diamond tribute act.

Oh and we did some running malarkey, the 10k…oh why did Donna, Gary and myself put ourselves through the torture of the half marathon in that heat.. the highlight for me was Richard waiting at the finish to hand me a well earned beer and of course Jennie Brown, Lucia and Sharon for the marvellous support as ever.

I’m sure we will return to Paphos on tour again as its a must. Cyprus has been a great adventure, from archeological sites to seafood restaurants and stunning sunsets this tour had the lot, friendly people, great transport, great food and in the end great weather.. its been a blast. Autumn tour next..the adventure continues…

Johnnyboy Brown

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