Sue Hadley to do a charity sky dive!

Sue Hadley has been in touch about her forthcoming SKYDIVE….

I know after last year and Ben Nevis you thought I couldn’t come up with any more crazy things to do but if you could find your way to helping me once again I would be very grateful.

This year is the 30th Anniversary of the Wirral Society of the Blind & Partially Sighted and I thought I would help them celebrate by doing a Sky Dive and hopefully raise a lot of money for them in the process. I have to admit this is my craziest thing to date and I am both nervous but excited and looking forward to the 1st June 2019 when the event will take place.

WSBPS IS a small local Charity on the Wirral that supports and helps Visually Impaired people, offering benefit advice, I.T. advice and support/lessons, demonstrating and selling specialist equipment, or just on hand to have a chat and cuppa in a friendly welcoming atmosphere. To provide all this comes at a cost and WSBPS is totally reliant on donations and fundraising, receiving nothing from Government.

If you are able to help you can either visit my JustGiving page via the link below:


Or Alternatively you can send me a cheque or do a bank transfer, if you email me I will send you the details of were to send the cheque or the bank details for the transfer.

I have set my target at £500 but if I can raise more than that it would be fantastic. Every penny helps!

Thank you for your support in anticipation.


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