Storeton run reviews

Oh what a night for the Thornton hough summer run😊 🏃🏃🏃 after a day of mixed weather we were blessed with perfect conditions ⛅ for a run from the Seven stars.

Great turnout yet again and 34 runners set off along the road through Thornton Hough towards Brimstage. Then we took the country lanes and we were soon off road across the fields. ..🌳🌳🍀🍂 to Storeton

Some of us had the pleasure of running with Dave. .who if he said it once he said it a thousand times ‘ oh isn’t this just a lovely run, don’t you just love it’…..’yes Dave’ we all replied only for him to say it again in the next field!! and the next……!!

The ‘tough runners’ then ran though Storeton woods along Lever Causeway and back, whilst the not so tough took the shorter route through the lanes and fields back to Thornton Hough.

Tonight’s run was like a trail run and great to get ‘off road’ onto the bridle paths and fields and away from the traffic and luckily no muddy trainers to clean 😁.

After a not so cheerful reception at the Seven Stars we diverted to the Three Stags for the usual food and drinks 🍻🍔🍷 lots of chatting and excitement about the forthcoming trip to Ghent talk of trains, planes and hotels 🚄✈ ..oh and the race of course..we all can’t wait 😊

One special mention to Mel tonight on how fantastic she is running.. .improving all the time 😆 👍🏃🏃.

Also wishing John and Jenny Good Luck 🍀 for the Marathon on Sunday.

Jo Dutton

Great run tonight from Thornton Hough through Brimstage and on to Storeton for some. Weather was absolutely perfect. Conditions under foot were good if you managed to avoid the cow pats and the horse sh… manure. About 30+ runners took on the scenic country lanes and fields. Some great running out there tonight. Big thanks to Mo and Yvette for looking after one of our younger runners. Thanks too to Dave who kept me going with encouragement getting me up that last final hill and back to Thornton Hough in one piece. Only issue was that we couldn’t have our customary drink in Seven Stars due to a party taking place. How rude, that’s our pub. I assume that the 3 Stags were more than happy with the extra custom. Well done all. Finally good luck to Mr John Brown, who is running the London marathon on Sunday. I am sure you will do the club proud.

John Milward

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