John’s London marathon experience


Well it’s the morning after the day before, and I can barely walk,but again what a great occasion London was. A bit different to the last time a couple of years ago because the start was a different route, but at least I was in the Blue wave. Shivering at the start, not getting off until 11am, and my goal set of getting to cutty sark at the 10k point, still feeling good, keep going John… tower bridge is on the horizon and the atmosphere cranks up further, gutted I’d passed Jennie but there’s a big pirate flag to search for, loads of thanks to Sandra Riley and Richard Joe Mc,Emily and the girls, and Brian Seal for the encouragement in keeping me going, along with jelly babies, orange slices, chocolates and strangely..sour cream and chive pringles… interesting but very moreish, tiredness and fatigue did kick in again on the embankment,but I was determined not to get outdone by a giant rhino, giant Mr Happy or Sir Mo Farah 😉 and got over the line in 05-28-something and in a better shape than two years ago…I said then I would never do another marathon…I have, though this time I might just stick to calling it a day, you know when the old bones can’t take it again…the pain, tears, courage and determination are well worth the medal 🏅but my goal was to get to the Red Lion pub where the lovely Jennie Brown was waiting for me with 🍺🍺🍺🍺. Thank you London, see you in May… Next stop Geneva #KeepOnRunning…… ps Good Luck to those entering the ballot for 2020

John Brown

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