Sunday morning track session: June 9th

We are all set for the Oval running track this coming Sunday at 9.30am

Please come to the Oval reception at 9.25am and go to pay for ONE ADULT RUNNING TRACK for £3.90. Bring water with you. There is a bag drop at the start.

You will be running a four lap (one mile) warm up at a slow jog. After the six 800m sessions you will slow jog one mile to cool down.

You will need a running watch.

We will do six 800m reps with half lap recoveries. Your half laps recoveries will be at a slow jog. If you cannot slow jog and need to walk between reps you are running too fast.

The aim is to run 800m about 30sec a mile faster than your 10K pace.

As an example, if your 10K pace is 8min miles then your 800m reps will be at 7.30min pace. (the first two or three reps will seem fairly comfortable but you will be on your knees after six of them). The aim is to get your brain and body programmed to run a faster pace. Ideally these track sessions need to be a weekly event to increase your VO2 MAX.

So, looking to do 800m at 7.30min pace you should be on 3.45min as you finish each rep. NOT 3.40 NOT 3.50 but 3.45min. Track work is timing yourself to the second. Consistency is the key

As you are not used to this way of working how do you know if your pace is going to be correct at the end of rep (short for repetition) one?

Well you know for sure you will be running a little faster than your 10K pace so that’s your first guide.

The 400m track is marked in 100m sections

So using our 3.45 pace as a guide, that means each 400m lap is 3.45/2 ie 1min 53secs.

Start your watch as you set off, hit the 100m spot at 28secs, the 200m at 56secs, the 300m at 1m 24secs and the start line/400m at 1m 52secs


If this is just too confusing email me your CURRENT 10K TIME and I will send you back your timings

Remember the half lap recoveries. Complete you first 800m then jog half a lap and repeat. This means every 800m starts at a different place.

See you Sunday

Tony Clixby

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