2019 charity event

This is our big charity event for 2019, the first for quite a while

Thanks to Alejandra for organising this

Eighteen Mile Charity Walk Across the Wirral for Dementia UK Saturday July 13th

• Website: www.alpha-living.co.uk

• Email: enquiries@alpha-living.co.uk

• Enquiries: 0151 346 1598

Walk, run or jog along this 18-mile route in support of the charity Dementia UK. The walk will start in Bromborough and end in Upton.

Take part on this 18 miles route across the Wirral. Some participants will walk, run or jog the 18 miles route which has been split into 3 sections of 6 miles. You can walk/run/jog the whole 18-miles route or just one of the 6-miles sections

This event takes part on July 13th – the route starts in Plymyard Avenue, Bromborough starting at 8.30am  and ends in Upton.

We have 3 stops – one in Rock Ferry: you can meet here at 10.30am-  one in Wallasey and the final one with a party in Upton. We will provide refreshments and snacks on these 3 stops for donations to Dementia UK.

If you are unable to walk or run, please consider volunteering to help by transporting VRR members back from where they finish, or meeting at a point to deliver their drinks, clothing etc.

We will have a Dementia UK bucket so people can just drop some coins as their contribution if they turn up to take part.

Free registration.

Start: Oaklands CH62 6EL

Manor House CH62 7JN

The Court CH63 3HX

The Mount CH63 7SA

Bedford Court CH42 2EG – 30/40 mins break (refreshments and snacks provided)


Gerard Corr House CH45 7QF – 30/40 mins break for lunch (refreshments and snacks provided)

St Columbas Close CH44 8EY

Alpha Court CH45 8QR

Edel Quinn House CH49 6PN –finish (Finale Party with buffet and entertainment)

As an added incentive, for all VRR runners who take part and donate to the charity, Alejandra is kindly donating the chance to win a week in her apartment in Tenerife: names will be entered in a draw.

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