June racing summary

Another month of races by VRR! Mostly they were local and some – Port Sunlight 10k and 5k and the VRR handicap – have been written up already but here is what’s been happening in June. A total of approximately 781k was run!

Birkenhead Park 5 miles

Tony Clixby, Donna Mckeown , Brian Seal, Rachel Keenan

Port Sunlight 10k

Carl Davenport, Jennie Langston, Phil Allison , Jackie Allison, Freya Wood, Joe McCardle, Lucy McCardle , Wendy Walsh, Steve Leslie, Dave Leece, Liva Baumane, Jack Kiley,Amanda Parkinson

Port Sunlight 5k

Mel McCardle, Marc Williams, Alyson Davenport , Debbie Spencer

Southport half marathon

Mike McCaffrey, Carolyn Brennan, Trish Monks, Ann Fleming

Colshaw 10k

Carolyn Brennan, Anne Fleming

Llyn Brenig 15k trail race

Mark Critchley

Seaside run

Donna McKeown

Brian Seal

Rachel Keenan

Sandra Riley

Jack Kiley

Race for life 5k

Emily McCardle, Mel McCardle, Lucy McCardle, Sandra Riley, Donna McKeown, Jackie Allison

Tracy Colley Cooke

And finally, as if running wasn’t hard enough, Alex and Locky completed the Coast to Coast bike ride on the hottest day of the year!☀️☀️

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