Message – nay, essay!- from Dave

Today was one of those days when we realise what a great club we’re all part of. To give up so much time and money to help others should make us all very proud. Sometimes we need to shout from the rooftops what a great club we are. Thanks to you all!

Runners: Jennifer Keenan, Freya Evangeline, Carolyn Brennan, Trish Monks, Emma Evans, Wendy Walsh, Sandra Riley, Jackie Allison, Neil Plested, Tony Clixby, Phil Allison, John Brown, Paul Napier, Steve Leslie, Brian Seal, Ian Evans, Ian Hayhoe, Dave Leece, Mark Critchley, Dave Goodall, Raul Mur, Jack Kiley, Garry Swaby and a special mention to the youngest participant, Charlotte Swaby. 24 runners in total.

In addition to the runners who donated to the dementia cause, thanks for the generous donations from Barry Cottier, Elizabeth Parry, John Milward, Sue Hadley and a host of friends.

Thanks also to Sharon Clixby for all of the messages I kept asking to be sent, and herself and Jennie Brown and Wendy Walsh for providing a taxi service to get runners back from the finish!

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