Multi terrain series 2019

Tomorrow Weds 28th August someone needs to email a list of our runners competing in the Wirral Multi Terrain series this year to

This is a last call for anyone interested.

Also, we need someone to be team manager as I am unavailable.  If you would like to be team manager please let me know. It involves getting our team to the event and recording their results plus making sure we have a marshal as requested by the organiser. See IMPORTANT NOTE number one below

These are the final instructions for the Wirral September Multi Terrain Series. The dates are:

3th. Sept. Royden Park, Frankby, 7.00pm

10th. Sept.Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston, 7.00pm.

17th. Sept, Harrison Drive, Wallasey 6.30pm.

24th. Sept. Arrowe Park Golf Course, Arrowe Park 6.30pm.

Runners must run in their recognised club colours.

Full series rules are attached


  1. Each participating club must provide the League with a contact (name, address, telephone number, and e-mail if possible) and provide a team manager for each race and one Marshall.
  2. Entry fee of £1 per athlete per race, to be collected by each team manager and handed to one of the League Officials at each race (we will review the £1 entry after this series)
  3. I need now to have a list of your affiliated athletes, preferably in excel format, indicating ….. name, age, gender, category (as per attached rules) and date of birth. This is really important to facilitate to compiling of results. Please e-mail to me at

Team manager:



Trish Monks

Carolyn Brennan

Garry Swaby

Sandra Riley

Rachel Keenan


Dave Leece

Amanda Parkinson

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