Winter Safety

Winter Safety

The Tuesday and Thursday runs of the Village Road Runners are part of the Village Hotel Bromborough’s Leisure Club timetable and as such, the Village Hotel has the overseeing responsibility for the Running Club.

We have recently received a complaint from a very concerned motorist, who had to take action to avoid one of our runners crossing the road. The driver was unable to see them, as the runner was not wearing any high visibility lights. Our roads and pavements are getting busier each year and it is essential that all of our runners are highly visible to other road and pavement users. For many years the wearing of lights with the Running Club has been advisory, but it is now to be made compulsory for the Tuesday and Thursday Winter runs. The Village Road Runners has a fine safety record and we all want to keep it that way.

Running lights are cheap and widely available both online, from specialist running shops and sometimes from supermarkets.

Therefore, if you wish to participate in a Village Road Runners Tuesday or Thursday Winter run, then it is a requirement that you MUST wear high visibility lights, to ensure that you can easily be seen by others. In addition, please only cross roads at safe crossing points and wear light and reflective clothing. If you are not wearing lights and hence highly visible to others, then you cannot run with us on a the Tuesday or Thursday runs during the Winter. This applies to all Village Road Runner members, whether you are a member of the Village Leisure Club or not.

The Village Road Runners is a wonderful running group, so please let’s all work together to keep everyone safe.

Mark Critchley

Leisure Club Manager

Village Hotel Wirral

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