And we will run (nearly) 500 miles….October racing

October was a particularly active month for VRR members and friends with plenty of races, culminating in the very successful Autumn tour to Ghent. A total of (approximately) 479 was run. As usual, this doesn’t include the usual Tuesday and Thursday runs or park runs. Park runs were run this month in Birkenhead, Chester, Ellesmere Port and Hemel Hempstead.

This month’s runners and races:

Aintree 10k

Donna McKeown, Jo Dutton

Granada charity 5k

Dave Goodall

Bangor 10k

Tim Plested

Chester metric marathon

Liva Baumane, Mo Osborne

Chicago marathon

Ian Evans (with Shaun Sagar)

Ghent marathon

Steve Leslie, Raul Mur

Ghent half marathon

Charlie Anderson, Dermot Gough, Carl Davenport, Andy Crowe,Tim Plested

Ghent 10k

Tony Clixby, Alison Engle, Steve Stuthridge, Gail Stuthridge, Paul Napier, John Milward, John Brown, Carolyn Atherton, Barry Cottier, Jack Kiley, Jo Dutton, Mark Daniels, Dave Goodall, Donna Mckeown, Marc Williams, Andy Lacey, Brian Seal, Sam Stringer, Carolyn Brennan, Anne Fleming, Sandra Riley, Richard Lane, Jen West, Lucy McCardle, Mel McCardle, Joe McCardle, Emily McCardle, Garry Swaby

Ghent 5k

Dawn Mur, Alyson Davenport, John Milward, Linda Milward, John Brown, Donna Mckeown, Alan

Farndon 10k

Dave Leece,

Loggerheads 5miles

Carolyn Brennan, Trish Monks, Ann Fleming, Donna Mckeown , Jo Dutton

Manchester half marathon

Tracy Colley-Cooke

Beacon Park cross country 5 miles

Charlie Anderson, Donna Mckeown,

Trish Monks, Carolyn Brennan, Gail Stuthridge, Steve Stuthridge, Brian Seal, Phil Bacon

Beat the reaper 10k

Tracy Colley-Cook, Jennifer Keenan

Scouse 5k

Dave Leece, Freya Leece

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