December race starts

There were a lot of VRR participants in various races this month (many involving beards and red hats!) and park runs were done locally. It’s good to see some of our much younger runners taking part too this month! A total of 214k – approx. 134 miles – were run in races.

December races

West Kirby Santa Dash

2k Olivia Critchley, Jamie Goodall, Lisa Critchley, Will Critchley, Jennie Langston, George Langston, Donna McKeown

5k Andy Crowe , Emma Evans, Carolyn Brennan , Trish Monks, Anne Fleming, Jo Dutton, Ian Evans, Jackie Allison, John Brown

10k Steve Leslie, Brian Seal , John Brown,Phil Allison

Liverpool Santa Dash

Joe McCardle, Emily McCardle, Mel McCardle, Lucy McCardle, Laura Reece, Mo Osborne , Amanda Parkinson , Debbie Spencer

Buxton Litton Christmas cracker 7.5 miles

Donna McKeown

Gail Stuthridge

Steve Stuthridge

Andy Lacey

Hawarden Estate winter 10k trail race

Carolyn Brennan, Trish Monks

Aintree 5k

Tim Plested

Arrowe Park Trail Race

Brian Seal

Gail Stuthridge

Steve Stuthridge

Gerry Owens

Charlie Anderson

And finally, a challenge! Here’s DONNA with her 2019 medal haul! This year she picked up 20 – can you beat her in 2020??!!

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