Training Runs

Finish Line

We  have both Winter and Summer runs.

Thursday Summer Runs:

Meet at 6.50 for a 7.00pm start. Runs are 5-8 miles and only suitable for regular runners and improvers. (For shorter runs, please join us on a Tuesday from the Village Hotel – details below)

Seven Stars, Thornton Hough CH63 1JW

Seven Stars - Thornton Hough
Seven Stars – Thornton Hough

Wirral Way – Meet at The Hooton CH66 7NL

Screenshot 2014-05-02 20.55.08

Eastham – Meet at Eastham Ferry CH62 0AU

Eastham Ferry
Eastham Ferry

West Kirby – Meet at Morrisons CH48 0QA

Arrowe Park – Meet at the Cherry Orchard CH49 5LW

Cherry Orchard
Cherry Orchard

Thurstaston – Meet at the Rangers Centre CH61-0HN


Hoylake – Meet at the Green Lodge CH47 1HW

Green Lodge
Green Lodge

Tuesday Summer Runs:

Suitable for all!

Every Tuesday From the Village Hotel in Bromborough, Wirral. Starting 6.45pm promptly we have a Winter run, and a Summer run.

Winter Runs follow the following route:


Summer Runs follow the following route:


8 thoughts on “Training Runs

  1. Hiya I’m interested in doing your Tuesday night runs is there a joining fee and do you have to pay weekly for this? Many thanks shell .

    1. Hi Arthur,

      Yes it is – We’ recommend that you’re able to run 5-6 miles (10k) already for the Thursday runs. We run at a real range of paces. Tuesday’s runs from the Village in Bromborough are 3-4 miles and suitable for newer runners.

  2. Hi, I am looking to join a running group as am training for a couple of half marathons next year, I am not a member of the village gym, can I run with you guys? Are there any fees, how much are they and when could I start? Also could I do both Tuesday and Thursday? As they are my current running nights

    1. Hi Andrew,

      You’re welcome to join us at any time!

      You don’t need to be a member of the village gym, and there are no fees at all 🙂

      Tuesday runs are 3-4 miles.
      Thursdays between 5-7 miles.

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